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The most comprehensive eye examination on the High Street

Children are expensive, we all know that.  Luckily, not everything has to dent your budget because eye examinations and children’s glasses are actually free (and paid for by the NHS). National Guidelines recommend testing under 16s every year and we think it’s important your kids get tested (even pre-school!).

There are a lot of reasons to choose iSpy and to visit us:

We’re fun!  We make sure kids want to come back (without sweet bribery being required) so for pre-school children, we use pictures instead of letters which adds to the fun!

We use the latest technology and we offer the most comprehensive eye test on the high street.

Kids need their eyes testing  – 80% of learning is done through the eyes and research shows that as many as one in five children may have an undiagnosed sight problem.

We have a large range of children’s frames (if required) …. and you won’t see any sign of pressure from us.  We quite literally just want to help.


Contact lenses for children

Children can wear contact lenses as soon as they are able to handle and manage the lenses themselves.  Contacts are perfect for active sporty children as well as those who are a little more self-conscious.

If you are considering contact lenses for your child, please mention this to our optician during the sight test or pop in to discuss the pros and cons.

And for the kids

Hi there!

Why not come along to our glasses shop.  There are some pretty fun people here who would like to help you see better.  We also have some cool glasses for you to choose from (along with colouring books, games and other stuff for you to do).  Hopefully we’ll see you soon.

P.S. Our favourite game is iSpy!

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